Equal Pay Day 2016: Get Involved!

Equal Pay Day 2016: Get Involved!

As an organization focused on the empowerment and education of women, we are keenly aware of the discrepancies in pay between men and women. Our section urges you to get involved by using some of the tips provided by the American Association of University Women (AAUW):

*All resource links can be found in the document Equal Pay


5 Easy Ideas for Equal Pay Day in 2016:

Idea #1: Urge Your Elected Officials to Act on Equal Pay Day

What: AAUW is working to advance equal pay legislation in state houses around the country. If your
state legislature is considering equal pay legislation, contact your elected officials on Equal Pay Day to
ask them to co-sponsor the bills. If no such legislation exists in your state or municipality, you can ask
your governor, city council, and/or mayor issue a proclamation declaring Equal Pay Day. At AAUW’s
request, local governments in Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin, and California proclaimed EPD in 2015.
Of course, you can also encourage your members of Congress to take action on equal pay by passing
the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Do Now: Identify contact information (email, phone number) for your elected officials. You’ll likely
need to follow up on your initial request, both by email and phone, so give yourself plenty of time to
make the ask.

Plan for Later: If a public official in your community agrees to issue an Equal Pay Day proclamation,
consider partnering with them on gaining media coverage for the proclamation and AAUW’s role in
issuing it!

Sample Equal Pay Day Proclamation
Gender Pay Gap Roadmaps by State and Congressional District
Tell Congress to Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act

Idea #2: Host Unequal Bake Sale or Un-Happy Hour

What: Use a fun, social environment to raise awareness and provoke conversation about fair pay! At
these events, men will pay full price for the goods while women get a 21 percent discount.

Do Now: Location, location, location! Find a public space at which to host bake sale where baked goods
are priced according to the wage gap, or contact local establishments and ask them to give women the
un-happy hour special price of 21 percent off the price they are charging men. Even without pricing
goods accordingly, you can use a social event as an opportunity to invite members of the public to
learn about Equal Pay Day. This event will also provide a great recruitment opportunity for your

Plan for Later: Have a representative of AAUW in your state provide brief remarks about Equal Pay Day
and plan to make materials (membership postcards, Action Network sign up, The Simple Truth)
available to attendees. If you’re hosting a bake sale, don’t forget to recruit bakers!


Pay Equity Resource Kit
The Simple Truth
Fight for Fair Pay

Idea #3: Launch an Equal Pay Media Blitz

What: Write and submit Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds to a variety of publications in your state to
gain broad coverage on Equal Pay Day.

Do Now: Recruit supporters to write Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds – ask branch members, coalition
partners, prospective new members, student orgs, etc. to pledge to participate so many different
voices are represented.

Plan for Later: Identify news outlets and reporters who might be interested in covering Equal Pay Day
and make a calendar of their submission deadlines so you can plan ahead. Consider hosting a time for
participants to gather to write their Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds.


How to Write an Op-ed
How to Write a Letter to the Editor
AAUW Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

Idea #4: Host an Issue Forum in Your Community

What: Issue forums are community dialogues on current AAUW issues and usually take the form of a
panel discussion, with time for questions and answers. Use Equal Pay Day as an opportunity to host a
forum on fair pay.

Do Now: Brainstorm speakers to invite to participate in your forum. Speakers should possess
demonstrated knowledge or personal experience on the topic of equal pay. You may also consider
inviting city, state, or federal elected officials. Work with diverse organizations, as working in coalitions
allows you to reach more people, increase AAUW membership, and gain additional exposure.

Plan for Later: Equal pay will be a critical issue in the 2016 elections. Set up a separate table for voter
registration at your forum. If you have Internet access at your event, you can use AAUW’s online voter
registration tool.


How to Put Together an Issue Forum, Town Hall, or Tele-Town Hall
Voter Registration Tool

Idea #5: Get Creative!

What: Have another idea or want to try something new? The possibilities for engaging events and
activities are limitless and the AAUW Policy team is here to help. Contact us at for
assistance brainstorming or event support.


Pay Equity Resource Kit
Take Your Equal Pay Day to the Next Level
8 Awesome Ways We Pushed for Equal Pay in 2015


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