Goodwill Excel Center: Get your High School Diploma

Goodwill Excel Center: Get your High School Diploma

Summer is kicking off, but we’re gearing up for school! The Goodwill Excel Center, is Goodwill’s adult charter school for individuals ages 19-50, has accepted 118 applications in less than a month! Being the first and only school of its kind in the state of Texas, we need your help getting the word out! The Goodwill Excel Center will provide:

  • individualized and relevant curriculum
  • flexible scheduling
  • a drop-in childcare facility
  • transportation services

and a host of other complementary services that make our model unique and impactful for the people we serve. Our goal is to exceed 300 applications by June 16th and they can’t meet this goal without you! Check out the flyer and application before its too late!




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