My New Challenge: NCNW Leadership

My New Challenge: NCNW Leadership

Who wouldn’t be proud and honored to be elected president of such a prestigious organization as the Austin Section of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW)? Well, that’s me, and I am very proud of the honor! The late Ms. Dorothy Height elegantly, and forcefully,  led the national organization for many years. Under her leadership much was accomplished to elevate the status of Black women in American society. She was a staunch soldier in the civil rights war for equality and fairness for all people, but especially for African American women. I am honored to follow in her footsteps at the local level.

Every new leader accepts a challenge to bring new energy and ideas to the membership. This challenge suggests that a new vision will be presented, and, hopefully, embraced by those who desire to continue. For me, the vision must encompass change in a significant area of community need. What I see is a dire need to address the problem of teen parenting. It is a problem that is disproportionately prevalent in the state of Texas, and, specifically, among Black teens. From my perspective, we must get a “hold” on this problem to preserve our dream of a better future. Education is the key. I will aspire to inspire NCNW members to embrace, dissect, discuss, and direct an action plan that will leave an imprint of our organization’s efforts to make a difference in this matter statewide. I hope to hear from others who share this passion. Your thoughts, ideas, statistics, and experiences will be most valuable to our group.


Dr. Shirley Sprinkles
Austin Section President Elect 2014-2016

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    I thought it was just me; I have been elected the President of the Western Reserve Section, Cleveland, Ohio. Congratulation!

    Marjorie Malcolm, President
    Western Reserve Section
    Cleveland, Ohio

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