Toxic Stress and Early Childhood Special Event

Toxic Stress and Early Childhood Special Event
From our own President, Dr. Shirley Sprinkles:
Here is a most informative link to a meeting I attended at the Capitol on Nov. 14, at the invitation of Dr. Cynthia Osborne, who was our guest speaker at November’s general meeting. The keynote speaker, Dr. Andrew Garner gave a riveting talk on Toxic Stress in Early Childhood and its lingering impact on adult behaviors and diseases. Many things were revealed to me as I listened. You, too, would have been amazed at the ways we, as a race of people, are affected by this little known social/emotional anomaly.
It is powerful information that could interest and enlighten so many women who are parenting small children and teens, as well as provide understandings of themselves and of others with whom they may share relationships. “Education is the key to empowerment” (how many people have said it?)–It can’t hurt to try.
Here are some key links to several of the presentations at the event:



More information can be found at the following link.

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  1. Mrs. Lee Watson

    I just came across this page while looking for Vision board information. I am so impressed out what I saw. Please add me in your mailings. I am a mature black woman looking to for success in myself and others.

    Thank you for the awesome information that came across my eyes today.

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