From The President’s Pen


JULY, 2017

July—already! Yes, we’re here in mid-summer—already! To say that it is HOT would be an understatement. Temperatures are exceeding our expectations, and most definitely, our comfort levels. Staying inside  is not an option—it is a survival strategy!  I’m not complaining—I no longer live in Arizona!

What I really want to write about is the pride I feel in the enormous success of our Thirty-Fourth Annual Membership Tea! If I haven’t said it enough, I want to say again how very proud I am of the effort and outcomes of the Tea. It was poetry in motion to observe how beautifully everyone coordinated and collaborated to make the event both beautiful, smoothly executed, and meaningful. All of the hard work showed from every angle. I have received notes of gratitude from several of our guests, telling me how impressed they were, and how much they enjoyed our Tea. So, kudos to all of our members and Affiliates for a job super well done!

One of the key components of our program was a thorough explanation by Sister Georgia Thomas of the changes coming from NCNW Headquarters regarding changes in membership dues and timelines for submission. Annual dues are now $50 for national, and $10 for local—making a total of $60. This amount should be paid before the end of October for memberships that will be valid from September, 2017 to September, 2018. For those wishing to mail in membership dues, the NCNW Mailing address is posted at the end of this Report. Receipts for dues will be mailed to the return address provided.

Change, as we know, is inevitable. It was our keynote speaker, Dr. Terrance Green, Professor of Education at UT-Austin, who admonished us to be ready to “change with change” if we are to be successful in attracting and engaging new Millenial members—both female and male ones. In his dynamic speech, he referenced the inscrutable strength of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, and the work she achieved post-slavery to lift up African American women. He challenged us to think about the word “freedom”—asking: “What have you done with your freedom?”  For many in attendance, it was an unforgettable moment. I am still thinking about the significance of that question, and I hope you are, too. Our answers will spell the difference in what we do with our time, and in the plans that we put forth to bring about needed change in our community.

As I step down from the presidency of the Austin Section this month to preserve my limited eyesight, I am grateful for the many hands and hearts that have assisted me in leading our organization. We have accomplished a great deal that we can be proud of. It has been my inestimable honor to have served as your leader. Now I will stay on to help push from a rear position—but push I will! I hope that you will do the same.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shirley J. Sprinkles, Ph.D
President, NCNW/Austin Section
(512) 249-1423/ (512)272-4086
P.0. Box 203965, Austin, TX 78720

“For the web, once begun, God provides thread” (Afr. Proverb)